CNC milling machine

A CNC milling machine with a work bed area of 2x3 m and 3 cutting axes can process very complex shapes.

Holzher panel saw

The saw can cut workpieces up to 5 m long.

Rema sizing saw

A precision-guided saw which can cut laminated panels up to 3 m long.

Holzher edge banding machine

Complete with pre-milling and polishing/buffing routines.

Film plotter

The film plotter can cut film strips up to 1200 mm wide.

Sanding machine

Condix Expo fabricates coated steel components in house.

Mitre saw

This tool processes long workpieces of timber or engineered wood with superior precision mitre-cutting settings.

Vehicle fleet

MAN TGE, Fiat Ducato, and Volkswagen Caddy

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