Core business of Condix Expo is design, production and installation of exhibition stands. Superior quality, excellent communication and long-term relationships with Customers is our top priority. We are mostly valued for on-time delivery and professional approach.

End-to-end solutions

Condix Expo is a one-stop provider for all the solution the ready stand requires: from workshop drawings to production and on-site installation. With our immense experience, we assist our Customers in exposing their best values: we understand that exhibition stands are critical to business marketing.

Who we are

Condix Expo’s philosophy of business relies on mutual trust between the Team Members, as well as the Customers and the Company. Each Customer’s success is our great triumph. The mission of Condix Expo is to build solid foundation for mutual respect. The engineering know-how and the harmonious team are reliable tools and pillars which have been driving Condix Expo since its origins.

The team

A professional team of the best designers can deliver exhibition stands ready for installation anywhere in Europe and beyond. The team at Condix Expo includes highly qualified project managers, designers, engineers, construction workers and graphic designers. While the team completes most projects on its own and uses proprietary designs, Condix Expo partners with highly acclaimed suppliers of technologies, materials and special services.

Meble Wójcik 2019

Breakbulk 2019 Bahri

Gamescom 2019 MSI

Contact us

Condix Expo

Address: ul. Poznańska 56,
62-090 Mrowino

Phone: 61 814 49 15

Mobile: +48 604 601 839
e-mail: office@condix-expo.com
NIP (TIN): PL9231639020


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